Our services may include:

  • Advise and coach families on becoming effective advocates for loved ones.
  • Help with making difficult healthcare and life care decisions.
  • Identify if assisted living or memory care is indicated and, help find a suitable community.
  • Help mediate disagreements among family members about appropriate next steps.
  • Provide health and wellness assessment and coaching.
  • Guidance through Social Security, Medicare and long-term insurance regulations.


Our services may include:

  • Help with finding specialists, surgeons or other medical providers.
  • Help parents understand the medical information given them.
  • Help parents appropriately explain things to their child.
  • Advise those seeking the best location for treatment or surgery.
  • Help parents navigate the requirements of their insurance company.
  • Negotiate to control the costs and payments for needed care.
  • Provide an emotional support system.


Our services may include:

  • Help with scheduling medical appointments.
  • Accompany clients to medical appointments, hospitalizations, treatments, etc.
  • Help with identifying new primary care physicians, specialists or other medical providers.
  • Help clients find alternative treatment options for their medical condition(s).
  • Guidance through insurance claims, hospital bills and other medical charges.
  • Help managing payment for and organization of daily medications.
  • Help making decisions about tests, elective surgeries, etc.

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