Are you enjoying the fun of the college basketball playoffs and getting ready for “March Madness”?  It’s always a lot of fun, isn’t it?  We love the unexpected wins, the terrible upsets, the underdogs who rise to the top.  Surprises are part of the madness.  In March, basketball is FUN!

In March, or any month, in a family health emergency surprises are NOT fun.  They really do cause “madness,” but not the kind we enjoy.  Health emergencies are never planned!  They can strike all types of families and may involve a person of any age.  Are you ready?  Would you be able to avoid “madness” if an emergency arises?

This is not pessimistic thinking; this is realistic thinking!  Having a plan in place will make all the difference in the world.

Do you have a primary care physician (PCP)/family doctor?  Establish a relationship with one now so your doctor knows all about you and what you might need.  Have all medical records with that doctor in a 3-ring binder and have the doctor’s contact information prominently posted on the front.  Post the local fire department and hospital numbers in the same place.  And, make sure your house address is posted so a caller can tell emergency services.

Is your healthcare insurance policy up to date and premiums paid?  Have insurance cards where you can easily find them.  Insurance companies issue two cards for a reason—keep one in your wallet and one in a safe but easily accessible place.

Build your support system.  Sure, you can call on your sister-in-law in the next town, but get to know your neighbors.  In some cases, the next town is too far away!  You may need someone to care for you when family members cannot.  Ask yourself who can be your rock if the madness creeps up?

For all you Big 10 fans…go PURDUE!!!