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Why Healthcare Advocacy?

When I told a new acquaintance I’m a Healthcare Advocate, she commentated that she’d never need someone like me. “I have my husband if I get sick and he has me. Besides that, we have our grown kids to help.”

She might be right. For her sake I hope she is, but I’m writing this blog for her and any of you who think as she does. It’s so easy to imagine the best possible world before we hit a bump in the road, and especially when we hit a complete road block. Whether we are speaking about a serious illness or accident of one of our children, of ourselves or of an aging parent, there are some points about a health crisis that are the same:

  • It is difficult to think clearly.
  • There are major decisions that will need to be made.
  • Specialists will be added to your health care team.
  • There will be frequent appointments at more than one medical venue.
  • Your insurance company will come into play.
  • Emotions run high for everyone closely involved.

Add to this list any particulars that come with a sick child, your own serious illness or all the issues involved with Elder Care, and you can see how complex a health crisis quickly becomes. Hiring a Healthcare Advocate will address each of these issues and challenges. The money it costs will be well spent, and will probably save money you would have spent needlessly without advocacy and guidance.

An advocate will not replace you and your family support system. An advocate will free up that system to focus on the patient as a loved one, not a challenge.