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Gift Giving

Since you are reading my blog, it is likely you have someone in your life that is not in good health. You certainly know the time, money and effort it takes to care for them. You also know the pain and heartache of watching when they struggle or suffer or become depressed or discouraged.

It is important for us caregivers to take a step back now and then. Of course, we must focus on our loved ones, but we also need to focus on ourselves. At this time of year, our thoughts turn to gratitude. Someone might even ask us, “What are you thankful for?”

Our usual lists contain family, friends, pets, jobs, and a myriad of personal favorite things. One of the top things on our lists ought to be Good Health! We need gratitude for our own good health to keep us from taking it for granted. We also need gratitude to keep us from falling into one of two pitfalls common to caregivers.

As we care for an elderly loved one or a seriously ill family member, we can find ourselves feeling guilty for being healthy. Replace guilt with gratitude! Be grateful that you can help; be thankful you have enough energy and stamina to take part in life!!

Because, the second pitfall, when we forget to be grateful for our health, is to lose it. Gratitude for good health includes maintaining good health. We all know how easy it is to become so involved in caring for someone else that we forget to eat regularly and well, or get enough exercise and sleep, or to even put ourselves first.

Why not start this New Year being mindful of and grateful for your good health? It might not even be the best health—it might just be good-enough health, but it is gift. Give thanks!

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!