Navigating stressful healthcare roadblocks


Is it time to decide the next step for an elderly loved one and you’re not sure which direction to take?  Are you faced with a long list of Medicare and insurance regulations?  Are you confused by the variety of living choices from in-home care, to assisted living, to nursing home care?  If you are helping a loved one understand the need for life changes to insure safety, security and peace of mind, WE CAN HELP.


If your child should be seriously injured or become very ill and require surgery or long-term hospitalization, the decisions you will need to make will seem overwhelming.  Understanding your options and cutting through medical and insurance jargon while focusing on your child might seem impossible.  WE CAN HELP.


It is difficult, if not impossible, to advocate for oneself in the middle of treatment for a serious illness or before and after major surgery.  There will be medical and financial decisions to make at a time when it is most difficult to think about them clearly.  WE CAN HELP.

Nancy Hiatt, MSW, MBA

Owner/Kare Director
I was raised by a nurse who taught her seven children how to stand up for, and take care of ourselves.  I loved that my mother was smart, articulate and compassionate.  I’d like to think that I was blessed with some of her best attributes!

I chose to become a social worker and during my career as an administrator, I saw firsthand how overwhelmed clients became when faced with a health crisis.  I knew that my experience and acquired skill sets had prepared me to successfully advocate for others.

Today, I enjoy working in the Chicagoland area and traveling throughout the Midwest Region to help clients and their families organize their healthcare, medical, and life care challenges.  My goal is to deliver comprehensive and supportive services and to connect clients with local resources that can assist on an as-needed basis.

It’s rewarding to see families learn how to advocate for one another!

“Our family was recommended to Nancy at a critical crossroads in our mother’s care.  Assisted living was no longer an option when our mom’s suffering from Alzheimer’s reached a point when she needed skilled care. Sifting through all the options was a daunting task to tackle on our own. Nancy did an excellent job educating us on all the aspects of elder care and advocated for our mom, which took a tremendous amount of stress out of the equation. Eliminating the stress allowed us to concentrate on our mom and make a well-informed decision about her care. Anyone who faces the challenge of finding elder care for their loved one needs Nancy! She has the expertise needed to navigate a very complicated process and a huge heart to make it comfortable for everyone involved.”

– Kristie A. & Kathleen H.

Dear Nancy,

We want to share our sincere gratitude for all of your guidance, knowledge and expertise during a time where our family needed that support. Thank you for your listening ear and the comfort we felt with sharing delicate information.

Your extension of future assistance is also greatly noted and appreciated. We are blessed to have met you.

– S. & D.

“Nancy Hiatt was a tremendous help to me and my family in meeting my elderly mother’s increasing care needs. She was a great listener, was knowledgeable about options for elders who have memory issues, and supported our family in our decision making. We tried several options, including private care givers and then a home health care agency (our family’s first preference). Nancy helped coach the caregivers in meeting and handling my mother’s individual needs, but also identified that my mom needed more support than could be given in an independent living situation. She took my mother to several assisted living facilities to find the one that my mother liked the most and that would also meet her needs immediately and in the future. I highly recommend Nancy’s help—she made a big difference for us during a truly stressful time.”

– M.V.

“You have been more help than you can imagine. I have given your name to my friend’s friend who has ALS. And I have a new client that I haven’t met yet but already thinking you may be able to help them…Thanks for your compassion and generous spirit.”

– E.G.

“Dear Nancy, …please know how much we all appreciate everything you did and all your help.  It was such a comfort to know that you were there, standing by, ready to help and do everything /anything that needed to be done.  It was hard to go thru—but made easier with you by my side.  Many thanks and kindest regards.”

– Lynne

“Hi Nancy, I want to thank you for all you did to help M. feel comfortable and secure. Your presence had a calming influence that the family needed. My mom did ok with the news of her son’s passing. It is never easy to lose a child, no matter the age. I hope you and your family are doing well. V. and I wish you a happy and healthy 2017. Thank you again for all of your efforts on M’s behalf.”

– L.M.

Healthcare Advocacy & Case Management

The Kare Group LLC was founded upon the belief that navigating the U.S. healthcare system has become a daunting task that leaves people feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  For those who are hospitalized or facing surgery, rehab, or ongoing medical treatments, it can be disheartening!


We’re in your area and ready to help.

We serve all of the Chicagoland Area, Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We also travel nationwide and internationally to assist clients and their families with medical and life care issues.

We look forward to hearing from you!